This is the third year for the Super Mileage Team at BYU-Idaho. It has been a long ride with many challenges, but we many great moments such as last year Super Mileage competition. We currently have around 20 students working on updates for the car that will be going to competition next year, and we hope to continue to grow as the event gets closer.

All of the work in the team is by students and since this is the first team of this type there is a lot to learn. We are proud to have a team that combines Mechanic Engineering, Automotive Engineering Technology, and Advanced Vehicle Systems students and we are open to anyone with the energy and will to help the team progress. Thank to this team we are able to deal and manage a greater set of jobs to be done, so don't be scared to join the team.

Furthermore, we have seen how this team has provided for many job opportunities and other options. There are many leading companies looking for graduates with this type of experience so feel free to drop by to watch our work if you are interested in learning outside of the classroom and getting some hands-on experience.