Overall Team Progress:

From previous semesters the Supermilage team has been able to make great progress and improvement that is by the .  Last Fall we were able to accomplish our goal of having a running car. This semester we are focusing on making sure our car will be able to pass the technical inspection for this year's competition.
 We will be also working to get as close to 1000 miles per gallon by starting tests at the end of this semester. We are happy to announce the creation of a Dynamometer team that will be designing and building our customized dynamometer to modify and tune our engine to specifications to achieve the highest mileage possible. This will be an exciting year for the team as we will be participating in SAE Supermileage for the first time in BYU-Idaho's history!

Here are the goals for each of the teams that we have set for this semester:

Chassis Team Progress:


 Chassis team has been mainly working on the steering and braking systems' functionality. This semester they will be finishing these systems by fine tuning and adjusting the breaks; as for the steering system the only thing missing is to test it. This will provide safety for the driver and should allow the best steering and stopping power for the vehicle. Part of the work they will have to do to accomplish this will include mounting the brake system, installing brake lights (which is part of the requirements for competition), and installing the braking mechanism on the steering handlebar. Another important part of the chassis team work will be working with different greases  and bearings to find the least rolling resistance to allow the car to coast for most of its time on the track.

Powertrain Team Progress:

The powertrain team is continuing to work on the engine mount; they will be made of light materials that will allow them to strongly support the engine and being light weight. They will also be working on an exhaust that will provide the most torque for the engine. They are in the process of learning to use some of the software  and installation necessary for the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) that will be the key to produce at least 1000 MPG. The EFI will be necessary for better fuel economy, calculating and tuning engine performance that will help us be successful .


Body Team Progress:

The body team has completed the frame of the vehicle and is currently working on the windows, panels, mirrors and overall aerodynamics. Another of the central parts of this semester for the body team is the construction of the driver compartment which includes the restraint systems (seat belt) that play a big role on the safety of the driver. Along with safety and structure they are also working on the wheel wells that will protect the driver as well. As a final step this semester the car will be painted and the required labels will be added.